Qui vult decipi, decipiatur. *

  I want to thank BG for this little bit of space in his domain. He is a nice bear once you get to know him, grr.

 Hey, I graduated from Law school! Monterey School of Law class of '99. I took the California Bar in July, and passed. So I'm looking for job as an attorney. Heres my resume.

 I'm married with no kids per se; however, I do have many surrogate furry kids (some scales and feathers too). I blame my fascination with animals on my undergraduate training in Biology. Well, there is always room for more pets, so please visit Dot's World for information on ferret legalization in California.

 As I update this page, there will be the usual. I'll have links to friends, favorite sites, and legal references. A couple of pretentious photos. And some comforting words to live by, The Deteriorata. I may even throw in a couple of dull papers I wrote.


youth Rebel Youth Pretentious Young Adult Pretentious Young Adult

'Tweener Curmudgeon Roger in MN  at 1/10,000 lakes in Minnesota.  Roger in LAClan of the Cave Bear

This is Johnny Cochran speaking at a graduation at the Law school I go to, Johnny Cochran  that's my friend Joe graduating and not looking too pleased with Cochran

Barb The best, Barb. She has some X-Files sound files.

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*Qui vult decipi, decipiatur:  "Let him who wishes to be deceived, be deceived." Or in other words, "Whatever". back to top



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