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Dedicated to Dorothy A. Ferret


Dot is the inspiration for this page and was an original. She was followed by Muki. Muki.jpgAnd now this page has been handed off to Mushi and Yosho.

Mushi and Yosho live with one monkey boy and one monkey girl, and a bunch of "pets", cats, birds, frogs, fish, and wretched rodents. There is also lots of so called "wildlife", raccoons, bluejays, deer, coyotes, and bobcats.

Our links are for Ferrets and the people who love us, not if your looking for monkeys with their fur off!...

*webmaster's note: that cover picture of Dot is a fake she made on PhotoShop, but the magazine is real, Visit the sight and buy all your ferret supplies via the Sheffermans!.-BG.

We are outlaws when visiting California. Help Legalize ferrets in California, visit the CDFA web site.

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